Perfection in Berlin

Training into Berlin and looking up the coffee spots online was astounding. There were so many cool looking places and a lot of them with supporting background stories, so it was difficult to choose which to visit.


I was most psyched about visiting the Barn and it was closest to where we were staying and so we started there. After renting bicycles we came up to the place and I quickly realized that we were directed to the retail store location. 


It was great, though, because the vibe of this roaster’s 2nd location was bumpin’. I was so happy to see that they had some awesome looking sandwiches ready to go!


We asked for an espresso, cappuccino, and filter coffee along with our sandwiches. The espresso was one of my favorites so far and the most interesting. 


Acidity and sweetness was definitely its highlights and flared up the back of your mouth. Filter coffee was also solid, shown by proper extraction, peach acidity, cleanliness, and brothie mouth feel.


After hangs at Barn we headed to the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe, which is an architectural/design marvel. Since the Berlin Wall was next on our agenda we decided to first stop at Five Elephant for cheesecake chills


We walked in really hot and thirsty! I’m not sure that the baristas knew how to handle our situation, but as we gained our equilibrium I put in an order for filter, spro, and some cheesecake.


The espresso came out, literally, as I ordered it and appeared as though it was an extra shot. Happens. They let me have it on the house and offered to make me another with the filter; I couldn't say no. 


The espresso was consistent with both shots I got and also highlighted acidity and sweetness on the back of the palate while attributing dark fruit flavors. The filter coffee was only slightly under extracted, had a clean fruit presence, and a light body.


I could see why everyone hyped up the cheesecake; it was so fluffy! After stopping at the Berlin Wall we headed to Bonanza Roaster’s retail store front. 


At this point we were actually shfitzing our butts off! We needed some cold coffee and the barista was so down. We got an iced flat white, iced filter, and an espresso.


Spro was the most balanced of the day while still offering that German coffee style of acidity and sweetness. This time the whole palate was hit and I knew I found the crowd pleaser. 


The iced filter was exactly what I would be looking for. It tasted like a hibiscus tea with raspberry and refreshing crispness.

There are still a few places I wish I could visit and that only means that I need to come back to Berlin to explore their never-ending coffee scene.