Pitt stole my heart

Not sure why, but we decided to start at The Common Place for breakfast coffees. At first, the baristas wanted a quick transaction, but after some chit chatting we ended up filming their lead barista making a v60.


We hit up Espresso A Mano which I had a feeling would be totally legit. It was a very busy store in a brick space and they served up some awesome roasters from all over the country. The two baristas working were freakin tight! We had a very cool filming session there and deeply enjoyed our time there. 

The folks at Espresso A Mano sent us to a new spot that is kind of flying under the radar called 4121 Main. This was a tiny store, but beauty laid in every little crevasse. The owner was a sweet girl who had traveled and was inspired to open a store of this kind. She served heart, had a sick Kees Van Der Westen Spirit, and new how to use them. We had such a wonderful time chatting with her, getting some footage, and drinking some great coffee.