Philly Quickly

A little outside of Philly is where we decided to begin at ReAnimator. Their flagship roasting and retail store is breathtaking and everyone there were extremely welcoming. We got to film a filter brew as well as espresso with some of their head honchos. 


As we got into the city we headed to Elixr which is still working on the construction of their new roastery. This was their flagship retail store and the well staffed, well attended, and chill vibe store was really conducive to our filming their manager making a chemex. We also got pointed in the right direction towards other cafes and cheese stakes.


Menagerie was the next stop, a multi-roaster with a sweet set up/environment, and some small bites. We waited for one of their baristas after shift change to film him making a couple cappuccinos and  discuss the scene in the town.