Presidential in DC

It was a pretty drive to DC and there is not much like turning a corner and seeing the Washington Monument. Driving through DC in my own car was kind of trippy, because it is the Capitol! We got breakfast at Bayou Bakery where our friend, Michelle, got her start in Coffee. After, we met up with Michelle at her house, settled in, met her family, and took off for some National Mall hangs. That night we wanted to make sure that we attended the monthly throw down which was being held at La Colombe. It was a fantastic throw down. The community in DC is so fun, large, and diverse. Both Michelle and I participated, but got knocked out in the first rounds.

The next day was a Friday and Counter Culture hosts their weekly public cuppings. You would definitely need to be searching for the spot to find it tucked away in the back, top floor of a commercial building. There were two trainers and two others that were about to cup as we stepped in. Two coffees where on the table and we dived right in only to hear each others similar yet differing ideas of how the coffee smelled or tasted. 


14th Street seemed to be the next logical area to hit being that there were at least three places to visit. So, we hit up The Wydown first for some multi-roaster goodness and ended up getting the owner to dial in and do some filming with us. They decided to make us a cortado using the espresso blend by Blueprint. 

We walked to Peregrine next and found ourselves in a small place offering some good sounding sig bevs. It was a hot and sticky day so we decided to explore their drinks. Next we went to Filter to hang out with Jon who decided to tell us a little bit about their flat whites. 

Adams Morgan is the area we started out at the next day to check out Sweet Science. It is a tiny little space being shared with an interior accessory store. The owner and only barista, Sandra, specializes in pour overs and so we indulged! Then we went to Slip Stream for some fancy coffee experience. They used madcap, had two modbars, 3 ek43s, 2 k30s, a 3 group strada, and a full liquor bar. 

Flight of tasting notes to go with your coffee at SlipStream

Flight of tasting notes to go with your coffee at SlipStream