The Density of New York

Due to how the East Coast is laid out and our driving schedule we had to pass some major cities on our way to New York, only to get back to them later. I recall enjoying the sit in traffic as we drove along side the Island. We were heading to my friend, Panda’s, new place up in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. I got a parking spot, we hiked up to their apartment, and hung out on the roof for the rest of the evening.

We started the first day by taking the 1 subway down to Union Station and visting Everyman Espresso where we got to film with the owner, Sam Penix. I was dying to see Parlor and we decided to take the a subway over to Brooklyn. We walked a lot that day only to realize that Parlor wasn’t open and Toby’s just didn't have the right vibe for us. 


So, we had to take the A back to Union Station for an after hours experience at Amor Y Amargo. Amanda Whitt was waiting for us at this trending bitters bar in order to show us her new project called Double Buzz. She exclusively makes coffee cocktails and walked us through how she makes a few of them.

We opened up the next day with Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Sweatshop. Walking up, we already had a great feeling. It was a small spot, but every detail was perfect, and it was a very busy little shop. The barista working recognized me and that probably opened the door for us filming there. From there we walked over to the the Parlor pop-up inside of Person of Interest Barber Shop. Vanessa, who was the barista working there was down to film after we had mutually been talking up Caffe Streets in Chicago. After that day of shooting we decided to call it a wrap and do some of exploring of Manhattan.