Boston Calling

I was so happy to roll into Boston, see my friend Greg, and spend a few days at the furthest stop. Greg started us out at 3 Little Figs and as we drove up we could see a line out the door. It is a hip neighborhood breakfast joint that kills both the coffee and the food game. I thought for sure we wouldn't get filming done there, but Andy the owner was so nice and made time to talk about the coffee program. It was the first place since I started to drink longo style shots that made me rethink the validity of restretto shots.


I was super stoked to go visit George Howell and so that is where we headed next, although its not really in Boston. We wanted to go to the roaster which is in Acton, MA and it made for a gorgeous drive. When we got there, we were scared that we made the trek for nothing, because the entrance was hard to find and once inside it looked more like an office. After a bit of chatting we got taken back to the production area and introduced to Jenny, George’s daughter. She was bad ass and invited us to do a catalog cupping in which Greg and I played a competitive guessing game. Jenny recommended that we go to their flagship retail front closer to Boston and so we went to get more footage there. The barista decided to indulge us in how they make their iced coffee by brewing over ice cold metal cubes for a clean and crisp iced coffee.


The next day started at a gigantic multi-use space where Barismo roasts their coffee. The founder was there roasting and and we got to film with him while he was roasting a batch. The coolest thing there was a board with each coffee they bought, how much they purchased, and for how much. 


A short walk away, kind of in the same building was a pop-up coffee cart called Triangle sharing a space with a rock climbing gym. They used Blue Bottle Coffee and it was surprisingly good out of a baby chemex and gs3 espresso. After doing filming there we went for donuts and bagels in the same neighborhood.

We hopped on the train, went under the water, and came back up in the heart of Downtown Boston. There in Dewey Square during an awesome farmers market we found The Coffee Trike. San, the owner was very busy, but made time to film with us. He makes awesome coffee using local, Gracenote Roasters, and he is just a pleasure to be around. It was an awesome way to wrap our work in Boston.